How Long Will A Patio Paver Contractor In Natick MA Take For Installation?

When having a new driveway, walkway or surface installed, one of the most common questions you will want to know is how long it will take. This is because of how disruptive to daily life the whole process can be. It can take anywhere from one day to several weeks. The exact timeline varies based on several factors. Our patio paver contractor in Natick MA has the answers.


According to our hardscaping contractors, the size of the surface is one of the major contributing factors. Smaller areas will take fewer days to work on compared to larger surfaces. Therefore, the length of the walkway, plus the width matters a lot.

Design complexity

It takes more time for a landscape construction company to implement complex designs compared to simpler ones. Putting together customized patterns takes longer than implementing basic patterns.


The base where the installation will be done matters a great deal. Flat surfaces are easier to work with and take a shorter time. While uneven ground is harder to work on and requires more time and effort. Hence, our contractors will first survey the site to analyze it before work begins.

In case of sinking or settling, our professionals will first need to remove the base and create a new one. Also, there might be a need to create a more compact base in case of an asphalt surface.


Weather conditions affect the ability of our crew to work. The equipment is also affected. It’s harder to work in harsh conditions, for instance, in muddy weather. This means that we’ll sometimes have to wait things out or reschedule till the weather improves. This makes it more likely to get better results. Therefore, this is one of the main hiccups that we might face in the course of our work.